With a background in design strategies and policy, I have formed a practice that combines participatory research, organizational capacity building, service design, and advocacy toward public sector impact. I believe that an approach that keeps equity at the center of the process can nudge systems toward a better future.

01. Participatory Practice

Participatory methods are about building an engagement that brings stakeholders, specifically those most impacted by a specific problem, into the process as active owners, contributors, and enablers. Building meaningful participation into the design process requires defining stakeholders, understanding who is most impacted, and meeting people where they are.

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02. Service Design

Service is the activity of planning and organizing an organization’s people, processes, and artifacts to build positive experience for both implementors and beneficiaries. A responsive public sector requires connecting implementation and delivery with policy goals.

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03. Policy & Advocacy

Having the capacity and skills to identify and assess needs is key to shifting existing conditions into preferred ones. So is the ability to engage, empower, and mobilize people and resources behind those needs. These mindsets, methods, and tactics from policy analysis, problem framing, and advocacy work are key to my practice.

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04. Organizational Development

Organizations are among our most powerful tools in accomplishing political, economic, social, and cultural goals but are often difficult to maintain, lead, and change. Organizational development is key to successful impact when it comes to accomplishing individual and collective policy goals. Understanding, and building on, successes and failures of organizations is important for lasting change.

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05. Capacity Building & Teaching

Through every engagement, there’s the opportunity to build capacity and learn together. Teaching and capacity-building are key to reflective design practice. Having the mindset to learn in every engagement often brings about a stronger shared understanding and greater impact.

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